About me

I am a French guy of 36 years old, born in South of France. I started music tracking in 1998 under Fast Tracker II on a 386 DX. I joined Adrenaline PC as a musician and Nitrophusion as an Ascii artist. I was the Co-Sysop of ‘Da Prophecy’ BBS managed by Cleaner and we founded "Fire Dream" in order to release our prods. I stopped tracking in 2000 while entering at university. I went out in 2006 with a master degree in electronics engineering. But in 2010, I wanted to continue the good old times of demoscene and decided to start again tracking although my free time may be limited by work and others priorities.

I may participate to some web compos or to some demoparties for PC Ansi and/or tracked music competitions.

To contact me: s y l v a o . f r @ g m a i l . c o m

Get into my friends' circle: Sylvao on Google+